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March 10, 2008

Oh, how work can eat my soul. It seems that the pile of work is neverending. Trader Joe's is fanstaic, and I love working there. The benefits are great, and it's refreshing to do art for a living. However, it leeaves me precious little time for my freelance work.

I have a new minicomic that should be out soon, so those of you looking for something new from R-land, you'll have it soon enough. Spirit of Love chapter 5 is begun, as well. I had a hard time getting through it last year since I suffered so many losses and the first part of the comic includes a funeral. Still, progress is being made, and that's a good thing!

I think I've also found a co-illustrator for the Creature Featureland prequel! Oh, yeah, you thought that was the beginning? Not by a long shot. I'll have more information about that for you soon enough! In the mean time, I'll try to get some more illustrations up shortly. Some of my stuff is still unpublished, so I can't share yet, but other things I've been doing in general will be shared soon, I promise!

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